How To Become Anorexic ?

Everybody wants to be healthy and fit. Women, in particular, are conscious of the way they look. That’s why they are on constant lookout for the latest diet routine and weight loss programs. Some people even go for drastic measures to lose weight such as engaging in an anorexic diet. (1, 2, 3)

What is an anorexic diet and how to become anorexic?

A woman’s journey to becoming anorexic-healthy How to become anorexic image photo picture

Picture 1: A woman’s journey to becoming anorexic-healthy.
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An anorexic diet that goes out of control can lead to excessive weight loss making the person look abnormally thin and unhealthy image photo picture

Picture 2: An anorexic diet that goes out of control can lead to excessive weight loss making the person look abnormally thin and unhealthy.
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Anorexic diet is derived from the word anorexia, which is a type of eating disorder. Anorexic people believed that they are fat when in fact they are thin. Anorexia falls into two types: nervosa and bulimia.

People with anorexia nervosa skip a meal so that they will be able to shed off more weight. On the other hand, those with bulimia binge and purge to get rid of excess calories in the body. Severely overweight or obese individuals turn to anorexic diet in an attempt to lose weight the soonest time possible.

They see the anorexic diet as an easy and fast way to lose weight. (4, 5, 6)

How do you become anorexic?

For you to shed off excess fats just like real anorexic people do, you need not only focus on what you eat but as well on what you do. How to become anorexic in a week? Follow these steps:

#1 – Preparation

Should you wish to lose weight using the anorexic method, then you need to prepare yourself, not just physically but mentally and emotionally. The anorexic way to lose weight is very effective but is extremely difficult to sustain, especially if you are used to eating a large portion of food.

To test your preparedness, you can at least try an anorexic way of losing weight for a few days or the entire week. Assess if you can live by it for at least a couple of months. By going through it the entire week, you can somehow gauge if you are okay with it or not.

Do not be too harsh on yourself. If you feel like you can’t make it, then don’t force yourself. If you want to know how to become a successful anorexic, well, it all starts with preparedness. (4, 6, 7, 8)

#2 – Diet Regimen

How long does it take to become anorexic? Well, it depends on your diet choice. Some people were able to lose unwanted weight in a few weeks while others would take months. How to become anorexic fast? You have to consider the following diet options:

A woman in air diet, placing the solid food in front of her mouth, imaging eating but, in fact, not eating anything at all image photo picture

Picture 3: A woman in air diet, placing the solid food in front of her mouth, imaging eating but, in fact, not eating anything at all.
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Air Diet – This was a French created diet plan. As the name suggests, you will consume nothing at all. It was popularized by Madonna wherein she was holding a food up to her mouth but not eating it. Without any solid food intake, you will definitely lose weight. In fact, a whole lot of it. What an air diet looks like?

  • Sit down at every meal and pretend as if you are eating real solid foods.
  • Put the food in front of your mouth but do not ever attempt to place it in your mouth.
  • Drinking water is allowed.
  • Should you wish to go for something savory, you can eat a clear soup with some dash of salt in it.

Precautions: This diet should be for short-term weight loss. It shouldn’t be used for long-term weight loss because it will starve your body of essential nutrients. A malnourished body makes you prone to various types of diseases and illnesses. You could lose weight but you will be ill in the long run. (8, 9, 10, 11)

The five bite diet is when the food is divided into five bites in a single meal image photo picture

Picture 4: The five bite diet is when the food is divided into five bites in a single meal.
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Five bite diet – It is an extreme diet plan that works best for people who want to be anorexic. Dr. Alwin Lewis, the creator five bite diet used the principle that if you are going to eat less, you are going to lose more weight. The pros of this diet are you don’t need to track down your calorie intake. What you are going to monitor is the number of bites.

  • You are allowed to eat every meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
  • You should only take five bites per meal regardless if the food is healthy or not.
  • Drinking fluid throughout the day is allowed provided there is no calorie in it.
  • One protein drink/bar is allowed during the day provided it does not have fat content.

Precautions: The five bite diet limits your daily calorie intake to less than 800 calories per day. The body needs more than 800 calories to perform its normal functions. Hence, five bite diet is considered a crash diet.

It can be potentially harmful to your health, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Before starting this diet, you have to consult your doctor. In fact, it is best to have your doctor supervised you while you are in a crash diet. (2, 5, 8, 10)

Baby foods (puree) in a small jar. Only a small jar of baby food per meal is allowed image photo picture

Picture 5: Baby foods (puree) in a small jar. Only a small jar of baby food per meal is allowed.
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Baby food diet – It was introduced by a celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson. It is believed that through this diet, you can lose a lot of weight in just a short period of time. As we all know, baby foods are pureed and come in a jar. They are healthy foods and a perfect alternative to not-so-healthy adult snacks. How does it work?

  • Eat only baby foods for a single meal or snack.
  • Only one jar is allowed in a single sitting.
  • Drinking water is allowed, but no coffee, soda drinks, or alcoholic beverages.
  • You can eat almost all flavored baby foods.

Precautions: By eating baby foods alone, you are restricting your body of the calories it needs to perform day to day normal functions. You are also prone to nutritional imbalances. Most likely you will not feel full after eating a jar of baby food.

There is a possibility that your tummy grumbles after finishing a jar of baby food. Aside from the nutritional aspect, baby foods are quite expensive. It could eat a huge chunk of your budget. (11, 12, 14, 15)

#3 – Exercise

To be anorexic real fast, you need to incorporate some exercise routines. Exercise can burn excess calories and will help speed up the body’s metabolism thereby shedding off excess weight. There are different types of exercise to choose from such as:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Zumba (13)

Basically, anything that can keep your mind and body busy and make you forget about foods. (12, 15)

Precautions: Before performing any kinds of weight loss exercise, you have to make sure you spend a few minutes warming up and cooling down. Pushing yourself too hard can put you at risk for injury. Do not forget to consult your doctor to take some precautions.

#4 – Hydration

Hydration plays a very important role on your goals of becoming anorexic. You can starve your body of foods, but you cannot skip water. Water alone is enough to detoxify your body. It is full of mineral, which helps cleanse the body and makes the skin soft and moisturized.

Natural fruit juices also helps in your weight loss goal, especially citrusy fruits. Stay away from drinks that contain high level of calories such as coffee, soda drinks, and alcoholic beverages. (1, 5, 7, 9)

When becoming anorexic becomes a problem?

An anorexic diet that is out of control can lead to self-image destruction photo picture

Picture 6: An anorexic diet that is out of control can lead to self-image destruction.
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Are there any dangers involved in becoming anorexic? Are you really losing weight? Or are you losing essential nutrients? Being in an anorexic diet can make a huge difference in an obese person who’s trying to lose weight.

However, there is a fine line between losing weight and losing nutrients. If the dieting gets out of control, it could lead to a potentially dangerous health conditions. If the person under anorexic diet goes through it without the supervision of a medical professional, he/she could go to the extreme level, which compromises not just the health but the overall well-being.

  • Malnutrition – Drastic changes in the body are perceived by the brain. Your brain tells your body to stop eating even if it does not reach its daily average caloric intake. Over time, malnutrition sets in, which makes you susceptible to diseases and illnesses. (16, 17)
  • Exposure to diseases and illnesses – Eventually, illnesses and disease take its toll on you. You become susceptible to infection. Your physical health is not the only one that is at risk. It could also have a drastic impact on your mental health. You will unconsciously display irrational behaviors. There comes a time when you no longer want to eat because you’re too afraid to get fat again, when, in fact, you look sickly and too skinny. (18, 19)
  • Death – it sounds really scary, but yes! Anorexic, if not managed correctly could lead to fatal conditions such as irregular heartbeat, kidney disease, heart failure, and liver problems. Becoming anorexic is just fine if you are an obese person who wants to lose weight. But even so, your weight loss progress should be carefully monitored to make sure that you are not going to do extreme measures that will cause your health and life. If you feel like anorexia is not a serious condition, well, think again. There are popular personalities who died because of complications of anorexia. They are Karen Carpenters (singer), Christina Renee Henrich (gymnast), Isabelle Caro (model and actress), and Carolina Macan (model). (18, 19, 20)

Professional help and strong support system are needed to cope with the drastic effects of anorexia image photo picture

Picture 7: Professional help and strong support system are needed to cope with the drastic effects of anorexia.
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Disclaimer: Becoming anorexic is a self- choice. No health professionals would ever recommend this diet given the health implications mentioned above. Should you wish to become anorexic to lose extra weight, then you need to consult your doctor first.

Contacting a health care professional is a must when starting a weight loss plan. You can consult your doctor, a nutritionist, or dietitian. These medical professionals can help and guide you through healthy weight loss process. (8, 10, 11)

Just because you think and feel you are fat does not necessarily mean you really are. Health care professionals will take into account a few important things to determine your eligibility to lose weight.

These are the following:

  • Weight
  • BMI (body mass index). This is important in determining your health risk. You are categorized as overweight or obese by simply looking at your BMI or the proportion of your height and weight. You are an overweight if your BMI is between 25 and 30. More than 30 is considered obese.
  • Waist circumference – Body fat tends to accumulate in your waist. For female, a waist measuring 35 inches and above is considered obese. For men, a 40 inches waist is considered obese. (14, 17, 18)

Why should you involve your doctor in your weight loss journey?

Having a medical professional by your side gives you an assurance that your entire weight loss journey will be smooth sailing. The doctor will assess your current state of health and will determine whether the weight loss program you choose is safe for your health or not. As mentioned above, becoming anorexic possesses a lot of risks and some of them are fatal.

Your doctor will tell if you are healthy enough to undergo such drastic dieting. The doctor can also diagnose pre-existing health conditions that might hinder your diet plan. While maintaining a perfect body figure is a must, still, you should not compromise your health and safety for the sake of a beautiful figure.

Always consult your doctor and involved him in your journey to losing weight. (9, 15, 18, and 20)



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